It’s difficult to say very much about “Unknown” without giving away the plot twist---and even saying that much is helping the viewer to anticipate a paradigm shift somewhere in the course of the story.  Liam Neeson is convincing playing the American man who wakes up from a coma in a German hospital and tries to piece together his lost identity.  But his performance is sort of determinedly determined, no matter the startling obstacle.  More nuanced, actually, is the minor role of the part-time cab driver (Diane Kruger), also involved in the accident, who winds up embroiled with him in his frantic quest, and the beautiful young woman (January Jones) whom Neeson swears is his wife, but she’s saying she doesn’t recognize him.  Is she pretending?  Is this a giant hoax?  And if so, why?  Was even the “accident” itself planned?  And why?  More mysterious forces at work here, as Neeson discovers that even a good memory can play tricks on you, but we all knew that, didn’t we?  “Unknown” is a fast-paced, clever yarn with strong secondary performances.
Dr. Ronald P. Salfen, Co-Pastor, United Presbyterian Church, Greenville , Texas