“The Bounty Hunter”
If you’re looking at movie choices that seem so deadly serious (“The Hurt Locker”) or take themselves so seriously (“Avatar”) or are serious downers (“Precious”), and you’re looking for something lighthearted and mindless, maybe some adult humor without descending into a raunchfest (“The Hot Tub Time Machine”), then “The Bounty Hunter” might be for you. 
            Gerard Butler plays Milo , who used to be a cop, but lost his way about the time of his divorce, so now he’s a bounty hunter.  His ex, Nicole (Jennifer Anniston), is a reporter who got in her car in too big a hurry to follow a story, brushed a horse with a policeman sitting on it, got ticketed for assault, and thought the charge was so spurious that she failed to show up for her hearing.  Guess who has a warrant out for her arrest?  And guess who gets to pick her up?
            OK, now we have the excuse for a series of misadventures, as this once-happy couple each tries to catch the other one off guard.  Meanwhile, there’s a plot somewhere, about a ring of crooked cops figuring out how to pilfer the evidence room, and needing to keep others quiet about their illegal activities, and all this intersects our dysfunctional couple, on their way to their next spat.
            Yes, we have plenty of sight gags, some innuendo, some “adult situations,” but it’s intentionally PG-13 (a strip club where the dancers wear bikinis?).  Just don’t think to much about the improbabilities of the plot, and enjoy the verbal repartee for what it is:  just for our amusement.
Dr. Ronald P. Salfen, Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church, Greenville , Texas