It would be difficult to find two films with such contrasting moods, and differing target audiences.  But both contain outstanding performances.
ďThe Dark KnightĒ is the grim, brooding, violent story of Batman taking on The Joker, but this time thereís no camp, no tongue-in-cheek, no irony, this is just straight-on good versus evil, with crashing special effects. Heath Ledger plays such a sinister Joker, who is not only a dastardly villain himself, he even causes others to go to the Dark Side.  Outstanding cast of Christian Bale as Batman, Michael Caine as his butler, Maggie Gyllenhaal as his maybe-girlfriend, and Aaron Eckhart to complete the love triangle, but itís Heath Ledger who may even win a posthumous Academy Award for being so chillingly malicious.
Then, on the much lighter side, we have Meryl Streep with an outstanding performance in ďMamma Mia,Ē the creative musical set to the pop tunes of Abba, the 70ís band whose music has been transformed into this lively, energetic song and dance medley that is just plain fun to watch.  It seems that Meryl has been living on this island, a single Mom trying to run a dilapidated Inn .  Her daughter, learning that her Mom had three boyfriends the summer she was conceived, decides to invite all three men to her wedding, convinced that she will instantly recognize her real Dad, and all three believe they are going to re-connect with Mom, who is obviously not pleased to see any of them.  Yes, you can knit-pick about the how the ages of the actors who play the characters donít quite work out right, and you could easily critique the singing of Pierce Brosnan, but hey, heís game, itís all in jest, so why not just enjoy the ride?  Even Grandma will enjoy this one.