Radio 05.08.09
This is Ron Salfen, “At The Movies,” and here’s my commentary on a new film at The Majestic Theater in Greenville :
            “Star Trek” is the kind of prequel that you wish the last “Star Wars” could have been.  It’s a good script with a strong story line.  The special effects enhance the experience, but not at the expense of the character development.  And best of all, at the end, the prequel perfectly sets you up to enjoy……every “Star Trek” episode ever made.
            All the actors are new, as they pretty much have to be.  Chris Pine is the young James T. Kirk, and he doesn’t look anything like William Shatner, but that’s OK.  Spock (Zachary Quinto) still has his pointy ears, and we accept him despite a cameo by the original Spock, Leonard Nimoy, as the Spock from the future.  Yes, the time-travel sequence is a bit confusing, as it usually is whenever movies choose this gambit, but even a casual “Trekkie” can appreciate the continuity of a Leonard Nimoy appearance.  Maybe someday they’ll make a new “Star Wars” movie for the next generation, and Mark Hamill (the original Luke Skywalker) will make a cameo appearance, as well.  Anyway, you know we’re going to have a “save the world” kind of plot, and we do.  You know we’re going to have a scary, menacing, seemingly all-powerful bad guy, and we do (his name is Nero, and he’s played by Eric Bana).  You know we’re going to play with that old “Star Trek” dynamic about how Vulcans (like Spock) are rational creatures who don’t understand the emotions of humans (with a new twist, of course).  And we’re not at all surprised to see a young Captain Kirk as the talented rebel who has yet to fulfill his potential, until unexpectedly offered the opportunity.
            There’s plenty to like about this “Star Trek,” even if you’re not all that familiar with the many television episodes and the several previous film versions, just because this space fantasy/adventure stands on its own so well.  But even the hard-core fan would be pleased about seeing the pieces fit so nicely into place for the emergence of the jolly crew of the Starship “ Enterprise .”  May it live long and prosper.
This is Ron Salfen, “At The Movies,” for 93-5 KICK-FM.