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            Have you ever had the deep, dreaded feeling that something terrible is about to happen?
            In "Premonition," Linda (Sandra Bullock) suffers from a nightmarish kind of Groundhog Day Syndrome.  She wakes up either on one side or the other of the catastrophic event of her husband dying in a car wreck.  One morning it's before the accident, and everything seems fine, and the next morning, it's afterwards, and she's dealing with the glum sheriff at the door, then the funeral, and the well-meaning well-wishers….you get the idea.  We viewers lurch back and forth in time right along with Linda.  After a while, like her, we're not sure what's taking place in "real time" and what's a mind-numbing memory and what's an awful premonition.  This movie doesn't seem to know what to do with itself after it's established the premise:  become a horror film?  Chronicle an ordinary woman gone mad? Tap into the supernatural?  Go for the jugular in a tragedy that's foreseen but somehow inevitable?  Portray predestination without using the word?
            Well, if it sounds like kind of a mess, that's because it is.  It's a shame to waste Sandra Bullock's winsome talents on such an unwieldy vehicle.  But at least there's a priest who seems to be concerned and helpful, and can even do research.  (Well, OK, he defines faith as believing in what you can't see, and then suggests that you can believe in anything invisible, including hope and love, without even mentioning God.  Just because he wears a collar doesn't necessarily mean that he's representing Christianity in a compelling way.)  This hard-to-categorize film just might produce the collateral benefits of people updating their wills, buying life insurance, and taking that quiet opportunity to tell your loved ones that you really do love them, which couldn't hurt, and might help.
Questions For Discussion:
1) Have you ever had a "premonition," or know anybody who has?
2) If you thought you might not be here next week, what would you do today?
Dr. Ronald P. Salfen, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Terrell, Texas