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                        2007 Movies for Christmas Presents
(listed in chronological order)
1)      Dreamgirls:  glitzy, glittery musical set in the 1960s, featuring the astonishing debut of Jennifer Hudson.
2)      Amazing Grace:  The fascinating, true story of William Wilberforce, the late 18th-century member of the British Parliament whose life work was finally succeeding in getting a provision passed which banned the slave trade in Great Britain .
3)      Freedom Writers:  the true story of a California schoolteacher who inspired an entire classroom of underprivileged, underachieving teenagers.
4)      The Namesake:  a gentle, intelligent film about an immigrant couple from India , who raise their two children in the U.S. , straddling both cultures.
5)      Evan Almighty:  a whimsical, humorous, modern re-telling of Noah and the ark, with a twist.
6)      Once:  quiet but delightful little boy-meets-girl musical, set on the streets of Dublin .
7)      No Reservations:  a little-noticed relationship film stressing the importance of family connections.
8)      Hairspray:  high-energy, old-fashioned dance musical, set in1960s Baltimore .
9)      3:10 to Yuma :  remake of a shoot-em-up Western where its not as simple as black hats and white hats.
10)   December Boys:  enchanting coming-of-age film for Australian orphan boys.
For little kids:
1)      Flushed Away:  a safe animated adventure for the whole family
2)      Surfs Up:  cute story with sloppy but sentimental moral
3)      Ratatouille:  the best of the bunch, fun for all ages
4)      Shrek the Third:  jumbled fairy tales and one-liners for the adults
For older children:
1)      Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix :  we may eventually come to appreciate how creative this magical series really is.
2)      Nancy Drew:  cute and genuine teenage detective
3)      Stardust:  tongue-in-cheek, flippant fairy tale with a happy ending.
Dr. Ronald P. Salfen, Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church, Greenville , Texas