Radio 05.16.08
This is Ron Salfen, ďAt The Movies,Ē and hereís my commentary on the new film opening today at the Majestic Theater in Greenville :
ďThe Chronicles Of Narnia:  Prince CaspianĒ:  What could be better than being well-educated but slightly bored children jumping into a wardrobe closet and finding a magical land called Narnia, where you have cool adventures with your siblings and become royalty?  Well, how about finding yourself transported, a few years later, poised to return as conquering heroes?
Alas, nothing stays the same, either children or their make-believe worlds.  Now, itís several centuries later in Narnia, and much of the land lies in ruins.  The natives, the dwarves and centaurs and minotaurs and elves, are so dispossessed and dispirited that they are not only in hiding, they are losing their very ability to transcend themselves.  Bears who could formerly converse can now only growl with animalistic rage.  Trees which could formerly come to life are now permanently stilled by a lack of stimulus and imagination.  The evil ice queen is poised for a return of her heartless dominion.  And worst of all, Aslan, the powerful lion who ruled with strength and wisdom, is nowhere to be found, and many have not even heard of him, much less believe in him.
Yes, for those who wish to embrace the Christian symbolism, there is plenty here, and all very much intended by the celebrated author, C.S. Lewis.  And yet these whimsical stories also stand on their own literary merit.    Itís about children finding their identity, and adults re-discovering their courage.  Itís about believing that change can make a difference, and that striving against evil is a battle worth fighting.  Itís about accepting those who are different, and attempting to reconcile with enemies.  Itís about believing that the things which unite us are more powerful than the things which divide us.  As such, itís a fairy tale not only for all ages, but for all the ages.  Prepare to meet a happy combination of form and substance.
This is Ron Salfen, ďAt The Movies,Ē for 93-5 KICK-FM