Radio 07.04.08


            This is Ron Salfen, “At The Movies,” and here’s my commentary on two films opening this weekend at the Majestic Theater in Greenville :


            “Kit Kittredge” hearkens back to an earlier time, the slow-paced days of the Depression, when little children played in tree houses, there was no television, and Momma had to take in boarders to make ends meet.  Abigail Breslin plays the precocious little girl who realizes that all is not what it seems with a couple of the boarders.  Through some amateur sleuthing, she helps save her distracted family from financial ruin, and all live happily ever after, except that there’s really nothing nostalgic about foreclosures, prejudice, and thievery.

Don’t think too much about historical accuracy, just enjoy the cute little detective, and her unlikely triumph over the evil within.

            “Hancock” can’t possibly be nostalgic, because he’s got amnesia.  What do you do when you find yourself with superhero powers, but can’t remember who you are or how you got them?  Well, Will Smith becomes sort of an anti-hero, a homeless man on a park bench, a sloppy, drunken, disheveled hombre to the rescue, no slick outfit, clumsy exits, and somewhat lacking in social graces.  Since this is the 21st century, we cure him with a good P.R. guy.  Well, that, and someone who can really help him figure out who he is.  Plenty of gruff exterior here, but we all know that with Will Smith it’s all going to be OK, and since he’s invincible, he really can live happily ever after.  As long as he realizes that everyone else is temporary.

Don’t think too much about the theology, just enjoy the offbeat super-slacker, and his unlikely triumph over the evil within.


This is Ron Salfen, “At the Movies,” for 93.5 KICK-FM