“Igor” is an animated feature that is all about the pop psychology of 1) just because someone is ugly on the outside doesn’t mean they’re not beautiful on the inside, 2) people who steal your work can’t steal who you are, and 3) you can control the anger, if you try hard enough, and accepting help with it is OK.  Yeah, and the animation is ordinary, too.
            The Women” is a remake of the 1939 classic about a society woman from New York , who hears from the lady who does her nails at Sacks that her husband is having an affair with the perfume girl.  We never actually see the philanderer, we only hear about him, castigated by all her friends, who seem to have nothing better to do.  Let’s see, backbiting, betrayal, spreading unsubstantiated rumor---and these are her friends?  Yes, it’s full of emotional drama, and the whole point is the personal development of the characters, as you’d expect in any “chick flick,” but this one’s beyond feminist---the men are literally completely absent.
            As if to compensate, there aren’t any women in “Tropic Thunder,” just a bunch of guys making a war movie---a bad one—about Vietnam, and suddenly it turns real, except they don’t even know it, and what’s supposed to be farcical is actually merely ridiculous.  Hollywood is hardly ever charming while spoofing itself.  It just comes out mean and shallow, leaving the viewers, unable to suspend disbelief, wondering which inside jokes they’re not getting.
            At least in “Righteous Kill,” there are no bad jokes.  Just no jokes at all.  Al Pacino and Robert De Niro playing two grizzled old detectives on the NYPD sounds like self-caricature gone to seed, and it is.  But they’re still masters of the fine art of filling up the screen, even when they’re just hamming it up in an unlikely plot about a serial killer who seems to only take care of “scum” who manage to escape the justice system, and it takes them all a very long time to suspect an angry cop?  Carla Gugino, sexy police colleague, brightens up this dark, tired ode to world-weariness by somehow being intelligent, kinky, and cheerful, all at the same time.