“Gravity” is a most believable space thriller that’s just a fantastic ride.
Matt Kowalsky (George Clooney) is the pilot, and Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is the scientist. They’re “spacewalking” outside their orbiting capsule; while Dr. Stone, fighting vertigo, is trying to fix the problem with her research hardware, Kowalsky is just having fun with the jet-pack, listening to country music, chatting with Houston , and enjoying the spectacular view.
Then disaster strikes. Houston tries to warn them, about speeding debris headed their way, but it’s already struck. Suddenly their capsule is pummeled, their tethers are compromised, and they face the horrifying prospect of being set adrift in the great airless void.
To say much more about what happens afterwards would be giving away too much of the plot. Suffice it to say that the tagline “just hang on” is most apropos.
Sandra Bullock delivers a memorable, nuanced performance as the astronaut who suddenly has to rely on her own resources far more than she ever intended.
The 3-D effect added greatly to the visual impact of this film. I would highly recommend that it be viewed on the big screen in the theater, rather than at home. It’s a harrowing modern tale, well told.
Dr. Ronald P. Salfen, Minister, St. Stephen’s Presbyterian Church, Irving, Texas