Excerpt from Roundtable Interview
With Julia Jones (and Booboo Stewart)
Actors in “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 2”
Dallas, Texas, February 28, 2013

Presbyterian Outlook: You graduated from Columbia University with a degree in English, right?
Julia Jones: Yes.
PO: You mentioned reading the “Twilight” series books before filming. Did you put on your “critical thinking hat” and say to yourself, “I would have developed this theme differently”?
JJ: (laughs) To me, the books required so much of your imagination. They were fun to read, and very different from most of the books I read in school. It’s a phenomenal example of that genre, with that amazing journey that Bella and Edward take (the Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson roles).
PO: What about the absence of a strictly “good and evil” theme?
JJ: That totally shows up. I love that about the books. I think that if we look at things we don’t understand, or perceive as negative, it’s not as black and white as good and evil. There are different stories in there, different takes on things, and people have different reasons for being different ways. Just because you’re not like that doesn’t mean that is bad and you are good. And look at how much conflict we have globally, and a lot of it has to do with people just not understanding.
PO: It’s funny you should mention that, because that’s what I was thinking about on the drive over here: in some ways, you could read that last scene in the movie as a metaphor about global conflict.
JJ: Yeah.
PO: You’ve got your armaments together, and you choose up sides, and you’re facing each other for the confrontation, and what’s going to stop that?
JJ: That’s what life is about, so much, it’s I do something this way, and these people do something that way and they see it differently, and how do we co-exist?
PO: Right.
JJ: You know, business is like that, too. What’s good business? When everybody gains something. So yes, it is a little bit of an allegory.
PO: It is. And did you appreciate being in it just for that reason?
JJ: It took me a little while to see past (laughs) you know, the werewolves and playing werewolf, but yes, I very much appreciated that aspect of the story.
PO: Do you get tired of the whole love triangle thing? It’s like, “C’mon, Bella, just make up your mind!”
JJ: (laughs)
Booboo Stewart: She kind of does make up her mind. But someone else (Jacob, played by Taylor Lautner) is really persistent.
JJ: And we have to make five movies! (everyone laughs)
PO: Tell me you’ve never done that.
JJ: I’ve never done that.
PO: All right. I’m fine. (everyone laughs)