“District 9”
“District 9” is just full of unlikely premises:
Unlikely premise #1:  20 years ago, an alien spaceship appears to hover, but not land, just above Johannesburg , South Africa . 
#2:  The aliens inside the spaceship are found to be extremely malnourished, and apparently grateful to be evacuated.
#3:  Once on land, they are herded into a barbed-wire area that feels suspiciously like a refugee camp.  There, they multiply, but so does violence and poverty and gangs and all the scourges which the earthlings have to offer.
#4:  The government, deciding that the whole settlement, while once a feel-good ecumenical extraterrestrial experiment, is now a blight and a burden that needs to be removed.  Accordingly, they make plans to relocate the apparently hapless expatriates to a more remote reservation.
#5:  One alien seems to have been working on a repair to the command module that would activate the spaceship again, but some of his precious fluid accidentally spilled on an earthling, who begins to morph into an alien.
#6:  The only hybrid creature can now activate the alien weaponry, which was apparently safeguarded with a DNA-type security system.
#7:  The smart alien, like E.T., only wants to go home, and if he can, take his son with him.  So our hybrid, once the chief persecutor, helps him, much to the consternation of his human cohorts.
#8:  The hybrid becomes a kind of martyr for the cause of freedom, except that the heroes aren’t the humans.
#9:  It’s a wonder that the movie called “District 9” was ever produced, because it is so original, even to the sci-fi genre.  Certainly, it’s not for everyone.  But it’s a cut way above the typical summer platitudes.
Questions For Discussion:
1)      Do you think there is life on other planets?  If so, what would they look like, and would they be friendly toward humans?
2)      When have you completely changed your mind regarding your attitude toward a certain group of others?  What was the group, and what made you change your mind?
Dr. Ronald P. Salfen, Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church, Greenville, Texas